Monday, July 30, 2007

No Formal Introduction

I was going to begin my blog with a more formal post about clotheslines, but since I've got to get this blog up and running, I'm going to post something good that happened to me today and it's all a result of THE INTERNET!

I won something from, the "Escape Adulthood" web site. You're going to love the site and blogs. Have you heard of them? Are you looking for something positive on the Net? Then see Jason's blog for 7/24/07 tells what and how I won. Check out the rest of Kim and Jason and what they are all about.

Happy escaping!



David Stoddard said...

Kim & Jason are awesome. I can hardly wait for their next magazine to come out at the end of this month. (or is it the beginning of next month).

I hear there is a great writer taking part in the next issue.

Make a great day.

Libby said...

I suppose that would be you?!?
Thanks for the comment.