Saturday, August 4, 2007

No Time to Do Laundry

Not exactly true (my dryer is running as I type), but I've had no time to hang laundry here. I have so many ideas for my blog too.

Summer is a great time for hanging clothes on the line. Fortunately, there is a homemade clothesline in the yard of our duplex. It's getting to be somewhat dilapidated. The leaning cross-shaped posts' blue paint is peeling. The lines are dingy and the clothespins (included) are not plentiful and many have snapped in my hands. But I vowed to use it more after receiving an unsightly piece of mail from our power company. The $212 electric bill sent us reeling and shutting off lights, unplugging clocks, and turning down our water heater (an electric one!) It was the highest bill we'd ever received, even after living in two big houses.

I don't always have time to hang stuff up. I originally had said "no way", having some irrational fear of ticks finding their way from the leaf piles and forest just a yard or so away from the line into our clothes. Then it was pollen season. And then there were rainy days. Now it is August, the month in which summer does come to stay in Maine, and would be a good time to use the clothesline, don't you think? Yet, my dryer is running up the electric bill again.

I hope to use this clothesline more often too when life slows back down; after the busyness of summer wanes into fall and we drift back inside.

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Paul J Miner said...


I love your new blog. Its a interesting cool creative idea and I'm sure it will be alot of fun. As I am your husband and in the ratrace of life I don't always compliment you and encourage you as much as I should sometimes. I apologize for that and I believe in you and always have and I love you and think your bloggin stuff is really great.