Thursday, September 20, 2007

This Week's Laundry: Blue Angels & End of Summer Sickness

We're three weeks into preschool and Patrick has picked up a virus. So far the only obvious symptoms are lethargy and fever. He slept over 15 hours last night and today!
So no school for him tomorrow.
We took in a possibly landmark event last weekend here in Maine...perhaps the final visit of the Blue Angels to Brunswick Naval Air Station for EVER! Well, I'm not nostalgic about things like that, but since I've never been to a show officially (only seen them from afar) we decided to fight the "100,000 people expected" warnings and did a first as a family and a first for both Patrick and I: fight 100,000 people to see some scary cool tricks by America's finest pilots. It was awesome and loud--thank goodness for ear plugs. We missed most of the exhibits because we went on Sunday, the best of the 2 days last weekend, and the last day of the show. When we got home we looked in our program and realized we missed seeing about 20 planes parked on the further end of the base! We waited around an hour after the Angels got done to avoid sitting in traffic longer than necessary and then we go to go closer to the Angels' planes and got pictures that made it look like we are 18 inches away, the closest they fly to each other apparently. It became a day-long event with 2 hours of sitting in traffic just to get in and out of the base. But we weren't coming or going south, where the true highway bottlenecks were. Everyone was pleasant, including the people waiting in front of us to see the P3 Orion while Patrick was having the biggest, I mean biggest, temper tantrum of his life. The highlight of the day was the bottled water and hotdog sitting on the truck's bumper in front of us all the way out of the base. It was fun laughing with the people in the lane next to us until somebody got their attention enough to tell them, and they threw it in their truck. Party poopers! Other then the tantrum, Patrick slept for an hour in his stroller, didn't overreact to the noise, had his first sno-cone and some fries and got to pilot the Orion! It was a great day, a very touristy thing, and now that I've been there done that, I don't know if I'd do it again, but it was cool!

Other than that I'm realizing we have two official days of summer left. The cooler temps make me want to hunker down and bake pies but I know that I need to get out and enjoy the fall weather I love. It's just too bad I know most of this weekend will be spent watching The Santa Clause, Patrick's latest favorite flick, because he's so sick. Oh well. We'll all get lots of rest I guess.

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