Tuesday, October 30, 2007

This Week's Laundry: Fall Firsts and Field Trips

The winds of autumn have been blowing my empty clothesline and my life has felt a little cold and frazzled lately too, therefore, no posts. But we have enjoyed some firsts this fall with Patrick; namely, field trips, dressing up, caramel apples and playing in the leaves. He didn't need to be told twice to come play in the leaves. (Although Mommy worried about ticks--eck!) It wasn't too hard for him to pretend to be a "worker guy" or what we are trying to pull off as Bob the Builder for his preschool party. With overalls and a toy tool belt that came with knee pads and suspenders we just gave him the tools and he did the rest.

He's had two field trips with another planned this week. The first was a fall walk on Dodge Point, the same place we walked, and walked, and walked, and walked for hours one Sunday not long ago. They gathered leaves, acorns, bark. Daddy went along, with all the Moms.

Last week I took my day off to go with him to the pumpkin patch and met some of the kids and a couple Moms. With both Daddy and Mommy there (Daddy being photographer extraordinaire) Patrick definitely clung to Mom, sat with Mom on the wagon ride, and preferred Mom, except to body slam Daddy a couple times. It wasn't Patrick's normal preschool day so we hung around and he played with the farm worker's son and I got to talk to one of the Moms, who decided to let her kid skip out the rest of the morning to go shopping. Consequently we all ended up shopping together at Eddie Bauer outlet and the boys had fun running through the store and hiding in clothes. Of course we tried to be "good" Moms and not allow this and it was all fun and games until someone got hurt. But that's par for kids I suppose.

So now it's on to the holidays. I don't mean to rain on anyone's parade, but I just can't get excited about Halloween, I could skip it altogether. I know that it's just good, plain fun for the majority of the population. I just can't get past the past namely, it's origins, but maybe I'll be able to loosen up more and let Patrick trick-or-treat when he's a bit older. It's not the sugar or dressing up that bothers me. I don't do "scary" and don't like ghosts, goblins, and witches. I did trick- or-treat and was a witch a time or two and I'm not totally corrupted from it. Regardless, I'm Christmas shopping, listening to Christmas music and cleaning the house and thinking about the tree. And realizing that Thanksgiving is only 3 weeks away! 3 weeks! How October blew by.

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Kim of Kim & Jason said...

Sounds like you have made some wonderful fall memories. You are such a great mom!

I remember from teaching, just how special the kids felt when they would have a parent at one of the field trips. It was as if they were with a celebrity- they were always so proud!

Enjoy the Christmas music. It's always a treat this time of year. For some reason, I won't allow myself to listen to it until after Thanksgiving- tradition from my childhood.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!