Monday, October 8, 2007

Turning Summer into Fall, part 2

First, check out my updates to an earlier blog with my dragon pic and a link to David Trottier's web page. Go there to see the dragon if nothing else.

Ok, on to Autumn. I'm beginning to think it's now my favorite season. I love summer, being barefoot and all, but it can get unbearably hot for a couple days, unforgivingly busy, and sometimes downright disappointing if it rains too much.

Fall usually hits the mark right on for us in Maine. Not only do we tend to have a little tourism reprieve, it's harvest time, fairly mild (60s-70s), but cooler overall, and we get to enjoy a little extra color before the gray winter sets in.

But I do so enjoy getting back into a more homey routine. You could say I "nest". I like being in more, cooking more, baking pies or watching my husband destroy the kitchen while he bakes a pie, and making that annual pilgrimage to the nearest apple orchard. This year, Biscay Orchards.

The temperature was just right-- 65 with sun and a little breeze. Macs and cortlands were on the trees and although we didn't find the biggest apples on the lot, I just enjoy getting out as a family and doing something rather then sitting around doing nothing. Doing "somethings" for me is very important and makes a day special. I know that being together is often special enough, but doing special things makes being together memorable and beats, what Kim and Jason call Adultitis. If I don't get to do one special thing all week, then I start to feel anxious, ancy, lonely and sad.

A special thing may even include renting a movie. Often in the frigid nights of winter instead of spending much money on going out my husband and I used to just rent movies. I particularly like going on walks, and if possible down a special wooded trail or on a rail-trail, which we did this weekend at Dodge Point in Newcastle!

Summer is filled with many of the same special things--beach, pond, grilled hamburgers, more pond and maybe another beach thrown in there. I love it, but it's an all day thing, and makes the summer seem so busy. Walks, movies, and apple picking can take 15 minutes to 2 hours and 15 minutes can add a lot to relationships that need some fun downtime.

So summer turning into fall is turning into more opportunities for family time-- together time and I love it.


Anonymous said...

AWW- I want to go apple picking. The boys are so cute, can't wait to come home and see everyone (for a whole week) I had a great day off, and tell Paul he can leave me a message now if he likes.

Jason of Kim & Jason said...

Those special things are important. Often they are small, but as you describe, the benefits are big. Kids have a way of noticing and appreciating and partaking and delighting in those little things, which is something we as adults should not be too quick to abandon.

The Lombardo Logic said...

Hola, Pablo and Esposa

It is me Steve...I finally made time to create a blogger blog. I was hoping you would add my page to your links. I added yours to mine. check it out - Estaban!