Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Life Pins: My Thankful List

1. Patrick
2. Family
3. Holidays
4. Days Off (which are not the same as holidays!!)
5. Bonus checks
6. Generous employers
7. Bonuses and paydays on the same day before two days off!
8. God's provision out of nowhere
9. Bedtime
10. Walks
11. Health
12. The healthcare we have in this country
when we need it(even though it's getting a bad rap--at least we have doctors, medicines, hospitals!)
13. Food, clothes, shelter
14. Friends

15. That I have a future and a hope
16. Books
17. Fun blogs
18. Memories
19. Birthdays
20. The end of the 3 day cake run at work (my birthday, Lee's birthday, and Sarah's last day cakes!), and I LOVE cake, but stomach can't take any more! :)
21. Welcome surprise visitors
22. Invitations to parties, brunch, dinner
23. Unexpected mail
24. The beach (I know it's November, but I love the beach. Maybe I can fit another visit in to one this weekend.)
25. Days when something seems right
26. Being published (see link P.S. Writing Services)

1 comment:

Bob said...

What a great list. It's so wonderful to pause and realize we have so much to be grateful for!