Monday, November 5, 2007

Relationship Strings: Love & Laughter

"We cannot really love anybody with whom we never laugh." --Agnes Repplier

I agree. Laughter really does make life sweeter, more bearable, and relationships FUN. I can't honestly say when the last time was that I laughed really really hard, especially with my husband or closest friends. I've had a few episodes at work, looking at some funny auction web sites and a Wes Cowan divas page. When you work in the "serious" business of talking about antiques, it is just so funny to us that someone has created a fan club for an antique professional. Wes owns a large auction house, appears on PBS The History Detectives, and is apparently considered quite "hot" by a following of women in California. We all got quite a kick out of this one day at work. Also on the late-night Friday night I work once a month, usually my co-worker and I get punchy at some point during our 7-hour stretch. It doesn't help when I'm so tired that I stumble around like I've raided the liquor stash and step on the power strip to the computer, shutting it down and making the night ever longer. I am hoping to have a real good laugh again soon. I sure know what the Adultitis experts would say about that! If you need a little laugh, at least check out for a hilarious dancing auctioneer. I hope to post for you our fun "JOE" from work who has been everything from a pilgrim to a cowboy these last few months. That is our lightness at work along with the occasional funny web site. Until then, find something to laugh about and please share it with me. If you can't think of anything, check Robin's blog. Her parenting stories and children's antics will surely bring a smile to your face. Until Then, Happy Laughing, and please share the Love!

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