Monday, November 19, 2007

This Week's Laundry: More Firsts & Celebrations

Laundry, laundry and more laundry. It seems like the more I do, the more I do.
It's the one thing that never stops. Laundry and dishes. But I am so thankful we have machines to do the work now, although I am sorely lacking a dishwasher at the moment, and the dishes are piling up as we speak. Ah well, I can dream about having a dishwasher again, and be so thankful for a husband who does take his turn.

Just as my laundry and dishes are never done, the things I want to blog about are piling up.

Last week was a big week. Not only was my son coming off his fire safety and prevention week at school, where I think, they had a fire drill and played with fire trucks. All I know is all he talked about were the firetrucks! One day on the way to somewhere he asked in his somewhat confused three-year-old way what our address was.

He started off with asking "What's this road? I eventually deciphered he wanted to know what road we were on and then he asked "where's my home?" It was so cute. I suppose they had been talking about 911 and needing to know your address. He tried hard to say the whole street address (it's a long one).

Anyway, back to last week...he visited the dentist, had school pictures, stayed an extended day at school, talked to Santa (HUGE), and really got into celebrating my birthday.

The dentist visit was his first real cleaning. He even let them scrape the stains off his teeth! Daddy said he sat so well and only sat up once. When the hygenist said, "Where ya going?" He said, "Me just seeing."

This kid hates masks or full body costumes, loud noises, baptisms, and parades. I really love to take in some holiday type events. Last year when I took him to a Christmas concert that had a fully dressed Santa and Frosty I probably made the biggest mistake of his life so far. He didn't get over it for months. And this concert happened to be at our church, and so church since last December has been rife with childhood fears for him. (The biggest and latest fear--developed in May--was baptisms!) Well, I really wanted to try the local tree lighting yesterday. I knew they would probably escort a local Santa with a firetruck or two, and crossed my fingers that Santa wouldn't be obnoxious and that they wouldn't wail the sirens. My wishes were granted. Although he wouldn't let us cross the street once the big guy arrived, he let us stand there at a very safe distance. Eventually we decided to leave, and we walked over to say goodbye to our friends and their 3-year-old, who was talking a blue streak with Santa and getting more lollipops out of him. Daddy very gently and slowly made his way next to this boy and right in front of Santa, and before I knew it Santa was talking with with m; child and handing him a lollipop. When they returned to my side he had a big look of wide-eyed relief, threw his hands in the air and said, "That guy didn't hurt me!"

It was an amazing revelation for him and me! Whether it was the peer or lollipop influence I'm not sure, but I was glad we went after all.

Lastly, yesterday was my birthday, and all weekend he wished me a Happy Birthday, asked when we were going to Nana's for the happy birthday party, and even sang me "Happy Birthday" when we got up yesterday. He was into it and conceptualized in his way, that it was a special day for Mama. Oh, how I  savor this stage.

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