Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Life Pins: All I Want For Christmas is T-I-M-E

"Priorities and Getting Them Straight" was my first title for this post. But as I finished up the above post, and came back to this one, I realized what is really grating on me about Christmas, this and other years, it's TIME. Christmas take a lot of time to prepare for, and just to do. It's time hopefully, well spent for you and me.

But tonight, right now, all I really want for Christmas is MORE TIME with this little angel boy:

Right now it seems I'm always pretty tired on my shift with him. He's tired as he's given up naps, and we usually sit around, play, "watch something" (in his words), I conjure up some din-din, and we hit the hay, or he does, fairly early. 5:30 a.m. comes around, and he's up with me wanting me to "Play with me". Ok, ok, I've got about 5 minutes, and then I have to get ready for work. So, I often feel sad that I can't "play with me" right then. Oh, how I would love to. I remind myself that homecoming comes earlier in the day for me than for that most in the work-a-day world.

I don't want to complain about work. I like my job. It's a great fit for me, flexible, great benefits, etc, but right now Patrick is 3, almost 4, and he won't be saying "Play with me" for the rest of his time at home. I also really miss going out with him to playgroups, library story hours, even grocery shopping. It seems any errands I do now cut into my time with him, so I avoid them at almost all cost, even if it means we run out of milk. I don't mind some of the the housework piling up, but also some of it needs to get done. I hate the 15 minutes I have to take to wash the dishes. But it must be done eventually.

Now, why do I work? We won't get into it all, but right now I need to work. I'm sure I've posted on it before anyway. So I'm lucky. I have the best of both worlds, sort of. This Christmas, why I needed to downsize my shopping, buying, baking, and activities, is mostly because I want TIME with the 'lil guy.

I have been worried about the holiday week, wondering how I'd get to enjoy any down time with him while we are dashing off here and there to every gathering possible, until I just realized that at all but one of those events he'll be with me. I have the best opportunity possible to do many special things with him while we are all on break. I want to make the most of that TIME and just enjoy being with him, every minute I get.

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is time with my boy.

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