Saturday, December 22, 2007

Santa Preview

Santa fears aside we got a photo with Santa, a toned down grandfather who agreed to play Santa at Patrick's preschool. Books were on order for the day, and every child was brave enough to visit with him. I think Santa's back and lap had give out and he decided not to pick Patrick up. The room was overwhelming with two people calling to him to look and smile for pictures, plus just the buzz of all the kids and parents. But Patrick was thrilled with his Curious George book.

Patrick still has Santa anxiety (WHO DOESN'T?). Last week he asked me as we drove by a waving Santa selling trees at the local VFW if he can talk and does he have a mouth? My sentiments exactly! It was always that beard that freaked me out...where's Santa's face anyway? Who is behind all that white curly hair? I mean it's just not natural looking. I think kids kinda know something's not right, but hey I'm glad for the kiddos that really get into it.

As for Santa fears, one year when I was big enough to not really be scared I dreamed (or did I?) that Santa had fallen asleep on the floor at the end of my bed. When I woke up that Christmas morning and got to courage to move I timidly looked over the edge and he was gone!

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