Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Two Weeks of Laundry Piling Up!

Don't you just love it when your dirty laundry is piling up? Or clean laundry for that matter? If it doesn't get washed, dried, folded, and put away within 1-2 hours-- fagehdabouit! Sometimes some of it gets put away. Most of the time we are digging through the laundry baskets looking for that blue shirt or missing sock. I have a huge basket hamper (it's almost taller than my child) for my laundry that we purchased for about $50 at an antique shop years ago. I can't deal with the dinky ones they sell everywhere, and that I grew up with. With two people's changes of clothes they are full, then we start the laundry piles and trails through the house. And with all the baskets full of clean laundry, there's no place else for it to go. Disgusting! So I need a big one. We can stuff a lot of laundry in there. That's the way my life on this blog seems to be. I'm digging for something good to talk about while all the dirty laundry is piling up higher and higher.

So, my birthday, yaddie yadda...I got my Bon Jovi cd, so I was happy!

Lost Highway is pretty Bon Jovi-esque, but gotta say I still love it. I really can't believe Jon wrote "'Til We Ain't Strangers Anymore". Wow! I thought it had to be a remake. This album definitely has a lot of country influences, from the sounds to the themes, and try Leane Rimes as the dueling female in Stranger, and Whoops!--we've gone country rock. Really, I do agree with the guys, it's a natural fit at this point. Hair bands are gone, and their hair has gone with them, and their lives and styles are so much more focused now. They will never be given the credit due them because I know they aren't all that original, but that's ok. They put on one heck of a show, and without a good show, (i.e. Without a paying audience) you're nothing as an entertainer. Ok, enough rambling about my favorite subject.

So, we put up the Christmas tree, yaddie, yadda...ok who doesn't do this? It was uneventful for once. Even with a large tree tied to the top of a Volvo XC.
I was able to ignore (for the most part) my other half's ability to be completely obsessive about the placement of certain decorations and the height of the angel. The best part of it--talking to the guy who sold it to us. Very friendly, yup not from around heah, from away, so that explains the friendliness! (And if you're not sure what I'm getting at, click this, scroll, and read "Relationship Strings".). We got a short walk on a frigid, sunny day, and came home with a cute pic of Daddy and Patrick pulling the ole girl in. I'm fairly easy to please aren't I?

So, we've already been to a small Christmas party, yaddie yadda...ok it was really nice, put on by my nearest and dearest friends, and we had a nice time. The kiddies played well together, and we ate well and played some fun party games...dress up Daddy as a Christmas tree (courtesy Family Fun magazine) and ye old Yankee Swap. The top gift--a handheld blender that Will opened and traded, I traded for, and the spouse of the theft victim traded back for. So, we got into it. We did end up with one nice snowman kit with felt hat, carrot nose and corn pipe included!

Speaking of snowmen, it dropped about a foot on us in Maine yesterday. I know, I know...yaddie yadda...who in the northeastern or midwestern part of the country didn't have some kind of icky weather? Well, it's absolutely gorgeous out there. Something about the first snow, with Christmas coming, just made me feel content today. It could be the snowed in, not going anywhere feeling, I don't know. We all had the day off yesterday as a result of the weather, and getting up today for work just felt exciting! I always loved that--getting up and going out again after a big snow. It feels like an adventure, and a reunion all at once. Everyone has their snow shovelling, power outage, and harrowing travel stories. When I worked at a printing manufacturer a few years ago, shifts were never cancelled due to weather, so once everyone got in for the day, we buzzed about how long it took to get in, how much we're going to get, are we going to get to leave early? is school cancelled yet?, etc. And when the day was over it was like walking into a wondrous and peaceful snow palace soon to be filled with exhaust from everyone starting their engines. Then the party would begin-- scraping the windows, throwing snowballs, making sure you didn't slide into the boss's car...OOPS! Something about first snow just has an adverturesome feel to me. When it's March, and everything is gray and slushy, then I'll have something different to say, but for now I feel content with the snowy world outside.

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