Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Laundry List: 2007 in Review & Looking to 2008!

Have an awesome 2008 doing whatever God has in store! Isn't it exciting?!? After this year, we are all glad that a new year, and hopefully, better year is ahead of us. We know there are no guarantees except that God is in control.

Shall we recap?

1. We moved in, out, in, out, and in (not out again yet).

2. Bonnie (our second cat from way back in Farmingdale) didn't look both ways on East Pond Road.

3. We got a fish to replace her.

4. Libby started work doing something she actually went to school for--English skills.

5. Paul started work doing something he's now going to school for (sort of)--boat design.

6. Patrick started school doing something he knows how to do real well--playing, playing, and more playing!

7. Our church got a new pastor (he's swell, and so is his family!)

8. Libby got paid to write a short article.

9. The '04 Volvo sold...FINALLY!

10. And finally, NO, we're NOT pregnant again, or planning to be right away!

Everything else, well, was just too eventful to publish, but things are looking up.

Happy New Year!

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