Thursday, January 24, 2008

Winter Clothesline's Cold: Where's the Beach?

Winter, January and February in particular, are such waiting times! Such cold, long, days. I wish I was a hibernating bear. Today on my daily lunchtime walk to the post office, I thought about skipping "lunch" and just walk. The damp "Amsterdam" day, as my co-workers referred to it, was biting, and I did my usual power walk to the PO, and back to get some air, and came inside shivering. Not a good beach day.

A few weeks ago my friend Kim said her daughter had been asking to go to the beach. They live on a lake, so fishing, swimming, and boating are a big part of their lives in warmer weather. It sounded familiar when about a week later my son asked to go to the beach. Fortunately the day was mild (maybe 35 degrees) and sunny, so after church and a peaceful nap we did just that--headed to the beach for a late afternoon/sunset walk. It was chilly, but it was heaven.

The pounding waves of the ocean were startlingly loud to our winter ears used to the hum of the furnace and tv. Their gentle cadence warmed our souls after a few minutes though. The houses around the cove were stark, empty, dark...they looked lonely and like they were waiting too...

I cannot explain it--I would live at the beach if it were mostly mine and not crowded with tourists all summer. I don't like to leave too soon. I could sit for hours simply watching the ocean.

Two days ago out on an errand Patrick says "Let's go sliding". That was SLIDE, not SLED. "OK!" So we stopped at the nearest playground, ice skated on the snow, and laughed down some turns on the slide. Flurries of snow were tickling our faces.

Tonight, in real agony of wanting summer, we dug out the bathing suits and headed to the local pool. I know in winter this is not so unusual for some. The local school has a swim team that was beginning practice as we left, but for me and my friends who joined us, it was a chance to get out and beat the damp 20 degree day.

How do you wait for beach weather?


funspirit said...

Libby, this article made me laugh. I love the beach and I lived in Florida for over 15 years. Yet I rarely got to go - it was SO CROWDED. I love the mountains, so I've been enjoying that after all the flatness of FL, but now you've got me yearning to see some waves again. Thanks for the inspiration. :0)

Libbydale said...

Maine certainly doesn't have the beaches that Florida has! I love visiting the Sanibel Island beaches when we get to Florida. Every part of the country has it's beauty. When I was in school in Ohio people would ask me if I enjoyed the freedom of the open fields, but I always have felt more free near the ocean--you can leave the land! Ohio had it's stunning sunsets and the fields and river gorges were truly beautiful too. I went camping over a Labor Day weekend in West Virginia in '96. Loved it. Hope you can find a way to make it to the ocean sometime soon!

Thanks for the comment!