Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Winter Clothesline's Cold: Mid-Winter Getaway!

Ok, I'm so excited! I heard chickadees singing their twe-ep the other morning, and the birds in general seem to be a bit more active in the mornings than usual. I've seen them at my feeder off and on, but something about hearing what I refer to as the Anne of Green Gables bird, just means!


Ok, everyone, it's mid-February, post-Valentine's, with about 4 weeks to the official start of spring, which means at least 8-10 more weeks before it starts to get really warm probably, so I hope you've gone on, or can plan, a get-away!

We used to go away every February, even if it was just Kennebunk, York, or Newport, with the occasional week-long visit to Florida thrown in there.

Last year we visited our friends who had just had their first child (which means it's been a year, so she's a year, Happy Birthday!) in New York.

So this past weekend we headed to the big city of Portland. Yup! Big getaway I know, but it's called living on the cheap, cheap, cheap! All that I required was a pool, a drive to the Atlantic, and eating out at least once!

We visited the Children's Museum, Asmara, an Eritrean restaurant in the heart of Portland, and two favorite Cape Elizabeth ocean spots,Kettle Cove (next to Crescent Beach), and a place next to Two Lights State Park near the Lobster Shack, with Jameson's Tavern thrown in there for good measure.

Last night I hit McDonald's with a PlayPlace with my friend and her son. We had it to ourselves, and after exercising my child's play muscles by climbing around with the boys until they weren't saying it was "scary" any more, they were like little monkeys climbing up the tube and coming down the slide on their own, static-haired and smiling.

If you haven't gone on a getaway for a while, may I recommend it? Even if it's just to your favorite hangout for coffee, the library, a drive on a sunny day, or your local McDonald's. When you come back, it may not be spring yet, but maybe you'll feel a little more prepared to sit inside for a few more weeks.

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