Wednesday, March 26, 2008

This Morning's Forecast

An inch of snow and a smattering of Robins!

How good it is to hear robins!

Update: The high reached 52 at my house! Spring is finally arriving!


The Lombardo Logic said...

spoke to soon....28th we are expecting 3-6 inches and school had been cancelled.

Libbydale said...

Yes, isn't it wonderful? (*!@%$*!) Consolation is at least 'round here it won't last long. South and north of us they still have many feet to go before they see their lawns. Patrick and Paul went sledding in Cumberland on Saturday!

Kim of Kim & Jason said...

Enjoy those robins. Love 'em!!

We always had an unofficial contest in my house growing up- who could see the first robin.

It was such a sign of hope! Still is!!