Monday, April 14, 2008

On My Shelf: Becoming Jane

Being a Jane Austen fan I couldn't pass up the chance to rent Becoming Jane this weekend. It felt like reading or watching one of her novels, but I thought it was better.
Overall the movie was very well-done, and Anne Hathaway was a convincing Jane.
I read an extensive biography of Jane Austen some years ago and I'll have to dig it out to see how closely this movie version fit with some aspects of her love-lost story in the movie. The ending was a poignant. Warning: It doesn't end like her books. But overall Jane was a character who stayed true to herself and the social, cultural and moral requirements of her day.

Why does our romanticized view of love always end tragically? Is it because we believe love is not love unless it's unfulfilled by difficult or tragic circumstances or the design of our society, culture and families?

I found a web site devoted to all things Becoming Jane. It's a good site, esp. for fanatics!

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