Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring Clothesline: Spring Fever

Here on the midcoast the snow is finally melted. Not so sure about my southern relatives' snowpiles though. Three weeks ago they still had feet and feet of snow. Last week I started feeling the spring fever coming on. All the vestages of spring were arriving. The birds were chirping happily. We had the window open in the office every day. I saw daffodil stalks peeking up in my yard. The ice cream shop opened. I opened my door one evening and heard a couple of peeper frogs in the bog near my house. It was near 60 one day, and I ate lunch outside. All this produced that giddy "it's spring" feeling, but by the time I would get out of work it was starting to cool down.

One such evening I really wanted to get out and do something. I recently was reminded about Fort Edgecomb on Davis Island just north of the Wiscasset bridge. So we headed out with a picnic supper, and froze. It was frustrating. The wind off the river chilled the air probably to 10 degrees cooler than the registered temperature. Boy, was that a disappointment. But as I'd never been there the inagural visit introduced me to yet another nearby "spot" for the upcoming warmer months. To shake the disappoinment off , the following evening Patrick and I visited the playground. Over the weekend we tracked our first geocache (minus the GPS to do it). It was cool and overcast, but still good enough for a walk.

It felt good to hang my winter coats up in the closet and move the furniture away from the French door. To really top it off we dug out the grill to cook chicken and steak over the weekend.

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