Friday, May 2, 2008

Spring in Maine: Don't forget about bugs!

Argh. Black flies and ticks. Why can't they just go away! Isn't there some organic kind of pesticide that will wipe them clean off the face of New England. Living near so much marshy woods, near a very large lake with deer everywhere, is just wonderful. Last year I got through the year with few black fly bites and no sign of a tick.

Tonight, the neighbors and I were outside while the boys played and talking about ticks and how we hadn't seen any, wondering if it was too chilly, etc. We go in, we're eating toast, drinking cocoa and discussing Patrick's fear of heaven when I noticed something black on that wonderfully, blessedly blonde hair.

"Patrick I have to get a bug out of your hair."

1st attempt, I lose it.

"Patrick come over here, hold still, so I can get this bug."

2nd attempt, child gets impatient, moves away.

"Patrick, sit still" I scoot him back towards me, "ah, argh, ek."

3rd attempt

I'm yelling, "Patrick hold still!, HOLD STILL."

"Mama, stop it!"

I keep trying with the frantic "Hold still" and finally capture the little bugger and dispose of it nicely.

Thankfully it was only crawling, not sucking, and maybe not even the lyme-carrying kind, but remember to:

check, check, check--everyday!

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