Thursday, May 1, 2008

Spring Clothesline: What a spring!

The two weeks of sun and warm air was wonderful! Now, where'd it go? It feels like fall. Are we having a cold front coming down from Canada? What's happening, Joe Cupo?

I know. All is not lost.

We are now geocaching, without the GPS, but soon enough. I say let's go Letterboxing, but the gagdit is too appealing to one third of this family unit, so a-geocaching we will go anyway until such times as procuring the said instrument is possible. In the meantime we've had fun trying to find the cache anyway, and have been successful two times. Patrick loves seeing what's in the box to take, and even though our first outing I fell HARD on my butt on a slippery rock, we will continue walking, looking, and enjoying the outdoors.

I thoroughly enjoyed the last two weeks at work because I had two long weekends back to back. I love the odd random government holiday we have in Maine (and they have it in Massachusetts as well) called Patriots day. (No, its not for our beloved Pats, but the Patriots who started the Revolution!) LOVE IT! I'd forgotten how wonderful those days off were because post-baby everyday looked the same for a very long time. Then the next weekend I had a scheduled day off. We visited the Bristol-Pemaquid area 3 times during the week!

The first visit was on a SWELL day at the lighthouse. A day when the ocean looks calm but underneath it's rolling along, and crashing on the rocks to prove it. We had fun watching and avoiding the waves. The next visit the ocean was back to it's choppy self.

We had two campfires (s'mores included), no floods, and thank goodness the big birthday month of April is over! We ate enough cake to feed a herd of cattle.

And the peepers are louder than ever looking for a girlfriend. :)

Happy Spring!

At Pemaquid Lighthouse watching the waves

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