Thursday, June 5, 2008

Spring Clothesline: Being with nature

"Modern men and women have lost their connection with Creation. We're always insulated from it by shoe leather, cotton-polyester, glass, metal, plastic, HVAC, and screens of many kinds! One of the things I most cherish about Jamaica was the joy of living with open windows, with birds singing, with spiders building their webs, with lizards darting across your path, getting wet when it rains. These are gifts from God, and I can't help but believe our souls are starved for the company of God's creatures." *

For the very reason stated in the above quote I love(d) the month of May and the urgency it brings to get outside. Finally, everything in nature comes fully alive and I can leave my winter cave and reconnect with it again. I spent 40 whole minutes one Sunday morning just sitting outside. I was tired and needed to hear birds, breeze, insects and soak in the quiet.

Somehow I never get enough of these moments. As a child my favorite at-home summer thing to do was take my books, pen and paper, Bible, and blanket and just sit in the backyard reading, writing, and listening. I realize that I am made for more than the busyness of my life. I'm made for the work and life I have, but it's busyness without quiet is futile.

How can we get more quiet moments in nature? I've heard about the book Last Child in the Woods, and although it sounds a bit more academic than I enjoy for my reading list, I think I would concur wholeheartedly with it's message. We've been spending many more hours outside and I can't complain. Winter comes far too soon and too fast here and being out with the bugs, grass, and blue sky is all I dream about then. So embrace the opportunity you have to be in nature wherever you are, whenever the season is right. Your soul will be more at peace and more in touch with itself and God.

*A New Kind of Christian by Brian D. McLaren

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