Friday, June 27, 2008

Spring Clothesline Update: Smells Like Lilacs followed by Strawberries

I love lilac season. It's far too short. In May for about 10 days the breeze is filled with the intoxicating sweetness of purple and white...if purple had a smell it would be lilac. Funny how I don't have a lilac bush that's blooming. I had one outside my window growing up and that's why I love it so much.

I fill my house with lilac as much as I can during it's short visit from the bushes at my grandparents' homes. My grandmother told me this year that when they were blooming my grandfather, not a "flower" guy by any stretch, would keep a fresh lilac in his truck because he loved them so much, (and it was a cheap air freshener.) He was someone who not very warm and fuzzy, but liked the simple things. A good meal was as good as any fancy Christmas gift and even better...because the gift would be hoarded away, while the meal could be eaten right away. He didn't waste anything...part of his upbringing in rural Maine during the depression. But the story of the lilac in his truck surprised and delighted me because it showed his softer side and revealed his Yankee ingenuity at the same time.
Thankfully the lilac season is soon followed by strawberry season. I actually found some very very small ones growing on my lawn last evening! Tomorrow I plan to pick and hopefully eat many over the next few days!

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Anna Kennedy said...

Really...Bunka used to do that. That's so cool, maybe that's why we all like the scent sooooo much.