Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Story of the Cake that Wasn't...And Then Was! (a continuation)

So after finding the flour, writing my blog, and finally relaxing enough to sleep, I did so. I actually felt stress free and rested Sunday morning. After a bit I called my Mom and told her the story of the flour. She laughed and laughed and then she (Mrs. Do-It-All Herself) said, "I'm going to make that cake. You make the frosting. And somehow this will work out. It won't take me but 15 minutes. Except I have to call Hannah [mother in law] to borrow some flour!"
"Mom, are you sure we want to tempt Fate?"
"Sure why not? And if it doesn't come out, we have the other cake to fall back on!"
So we laugh some more, and I set to work making the frosting. And I was so glad I did! It was VERY GOOD! (I still have some if anyone wants to come over and help me lick the bowl!)

So, the end of the story is I got my cake after all, it looked goofy, but tasted great, and we ate all of it, plus more than half of the store-bought cake, which was actually pretty good too. With between 30-40 people at the shower I was glad we had two cakes instead of one!

Butter yellow mocha-strawberry topped homemade cake!

Two-day store bought goofy cake!

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Anonymous said...

You did great Libby! This was a fun fun fun party for Anna and you worked so hard and made it such a memorable day. I am so proud of you and your love for your family. I Love you!