Sunday, July 6, 2008

Summer Clothesline: Lobster Fears and Touch Tanks.

Going on a crab hunt, but I'm not afraid!

Patrick was really getting into his school year routine when it wrapped up for the summer. The last week they had a couple of field trips. One to the beach, and one to a small aquarium with touch tanks. Patrick did not want to find a crab at the beach. And at the aquarium, although Patrick didn't quite dare touch, I think it helped him a bit with his fear of lobsters, or at least I was hoping it would.

His question of the summer at the pond (our summer retreat) is:
"Mama, do lobsters live in here?"
"Mama, why don't lobsters live in here?"
"Because they like the ocean where it's salty and cold."
"Mama, are there lobsters in here?" [points to the pond]
"No Patrick. They wouldn't like the pond because it's too warm."
"Mama, why do lobsters have those things [claws]?"
"Because God made them that way."
"And if I put my finger in there it might hurt me."
"Yes, but you'll never put your finger in there, so it won't hurt you."

The poor kid is a grandson of a former lobsterman. Former is a good thing, too, because Papa was hoping to have a little helper right off! Don't ask me where or why he has this incredible fear of lobsters, but he's definitely figured out there's something scary fascinating about them, especially their claws. He loves to watch them in the tanks at the grocery store, but thinks of them as he's heading off to sleep wondering if any are in the house.

I don't know if the 30-pounder at the aquarium did anything to calm his fears either! I forgot to get a picture of that one.
A small female shark in a touch tank

A lobster another child was holding from the touch tank. It didn't motivate Patrick to touch.
No Daddy! I won't touch it! (a starfish):)

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