Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Story of the Cake that Wasn't (A True Story!)

So, this weekend is my sister's bridal shower, and I have been heading it up so to speak. I had today to finish up the details, mainly make the cake and prepping other food items I'd left for myself to do.
So after getting the boys safely off to their play dates I got out my recipe book and the bag of flour to find I only have 2 cups worth of flour. I looked at the clock, looked at my to-do list, and said, "Aw, Maannn... now what?" and decided God was telling me to buy a cheesy storemade cake. It really seemed to be my only option.

I had set out to order a cake, but when the local store didn't make mocha frosting I said, "I can do it myself." I totally bypassed traditional cake-baking places because of the price (NEVER AGAIN!) Besides, I like to make cakes, even if they usually come out funny looking. It was going to be a butter yellow cake with mocha frosting topped with strawberries. Shouldn't be too hard right? Except no flour. So I mentally succombed to the fact that I'd have to buy a less than perfect cake (in my mind) because we're just eating it anyway.

I finished what I needed to do at home and went to the store. The choices were completely awful. Mostly they were chocolate cakes, mostly with white frosting and ugly colors like bright green, purple, blue and red together, and swirls. Yuck. Since Anna's colors are brown and purple I choose the only marble cake with some brown do-hickeys and had them write something really original on in it purple frosting "Anna & Ken". Whoopee!

I continue my shopping feeling very disappointed and dazed, but come around enough to think that some balloons may make up for it and lift my spirits. I buy the balloons and the cake, and walk out of there trying to tell myself it's all ok.

I head to the shower destination stopping off at my grandmother's to use the food processor. That was for "Oops!" number two. The hummus recipe needed a food processor. The blender just didn't cut it. (By the way, the next strike-out was the homemade salsa--I had a habenero instead of a jalapeno. The chain has pulled jalapenos thinking they carried salmanella, so I opted for cherry red peppers instead!)

After I arrive at shower location with nasty grocery store cake in hand I'm able to feel convinced by my grandmother and sister-in-law that all will be well and that everyone loves these cakes, and they actually do! We cut veggies, laugh, and commiserate (well, I pull my hair out a few more times) and finally take a swim (it's at the Pond).

The "oopses" don't stop there though. The next big "Oops" is I leave the lower cow field gate open (the pond is attached to a farm) and forget the drink hat I needed for dinner at my Mom's. (My brother covers me at this point.) So dinner at my Mom's....I'll fast forward here. asdgdgkjeiogeijsklgjidejgskgsdigkjeiaigehjagjakjgdkj...You get the idea.

We get home. Paul says I have a message, but doesn't tell me from who. He has me worried that someone died. It's the grocery store. They have my wallet, and no my husband can't pick it up! Ok, great....tooooo....tiiiirrreeeddd...tooooo....thiiiinnnkkk.

I try to sleep, and all the arrangement and foibles of the day are swirling in my head. I get up to do my morning to-do list tonight. I go downstairs. I open my pantry. I see flour. Huh? I see flour? Yes, I see a big 10 pound bag of flour! Yes, FLOUR! The cause of this whole upset to my day.

For some reason God wants me to go back to the grocery store tomorrow, and for all of us to eat 2-day-old grocery store confection.

And then I check my e-mail and I get this oft-repeated spammed email (cut short for the sake of time and sanity--mine and yours.)

From: GOD
Reference: LIFE
This is God. Today I will be handling All of your problems for you. I do Not need your help. So, have a nice day. I love you.

Really? Ok, I'll take that.

Now isn't that a funny story? I thought so!


Paul said...


The Lombardo Logic said...

It is ironic....Jesus has a sense of humor. I went through a simular scenario with a role of duct tape that I just had to have that I was willnig to skip church and drive to get. I ended up going to church and Breck handed me the camo tape that I was willing to get (unexpectedly). My jaw dropped!

squishaholic said...

Jesus has a great sense of humor...I went through a simular situation that ended the same as yours with that involved a role of camo duct tape.