Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Life Pins: Summer Fun (and trying to fit it all in!)

I realize this blog has been neglected for almost a month. I literally crashed and burned after the shower, but recovered quickly to try to fit in some summer fun. Unfortunately the first two weeks of August proved to be quite rainy with a day or half day of sun scattered in there! Now the air is getting that end of summer coolness to it, and I can't believe one more weekend until Labor Day (and my vacation!) Ahhh... So needed. We'll be going to visit Yogi Bear for a few days, and I sure hope it's fun (and not rainy). I'm also trying to determine how to fit in those final beach days, ice cream outings, that overdue playdate with a buddy heading to Kindergarten, and time with family that I didn't get enough of this summer. What to do? The weekends are running out. I guess we have good weekends coming up in September and October.

Until then I have a few photos to put on here, some that were pre-shower, of our summer fun, when we found time to fit it in. This double income-1 kid-gig is certainly a challenge, and I was trying to decide tonight if I've let it make me better or bitter...hmmm...there are definitely some good things and bad things about it. Mostly I feel like I've missed a year of my son's life. Being at home full time is pretty intensive, and kept me very in tune with my child, which I liked. Being at work full time and still a Mom is also intensive in different ways and it takes more planning and determination to connect with my child. But looking at the memories we do have I realize that I haven't missed all of it thankfully! And we have vacation coming!

Boothbay Railway Village (field trip).
Covered his ears the entire ride.

Early 1900's fire vehicle.

One thing we did was the Wednesday night Family Nights we had at church a few times with a cookout and games. The first night they played family-style, all-skills-welcome wiffle ball. Everyone batted until they hit. He was in heaven. It was his first time playing with any large group, and he did great, had a good attitude and everyone was impressed with his serious attitude and his form and attempts. He's definitely going to be a ball player I tell people. The other pics are from the day camp field trip to Boothbay Railway Village, a favorite from my childhood.
Some of the things we've done that I didn't have a camera for included a rainy walk about the Salt Bay (that was in desperation after over a week of rainy days), a midnight (well, it was 9:30 and dark) walk to sky gaze, baseball, playground, ice cream, book sale, North Nobleboro Day and chicken dinner with Nana and Papa (and a fun bag of kids' toys for 25 cents), an afternoon playing with the cousins (while Daddy golfed and Mommy didn't make a cake for the shower), picking black raspberries (can anyone else attest to the bumper crops of berries this year or what?), library visits, starting to ride a two-wheeler (with trainers), and a walk to see the shell middens. What fun!

Golfin' with Daddy

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Anna said...

just remember Libby that you are doing great as a mom. I don't think we ever felt neglected by mom, who worked too. Well I didn't anyway. So Patrick shouldn't either. Even Ken's kids asked why I have to work and I guess Ken explained it to them. Victoria asked why I always wanted to work and didn't want to do anything with them....Anyway, in the end it will be OKAY.....
(Don't stress about the wedding...I am not. Have a good vacation)