Saturday, August 23, 2008

Summer Fun part 2!

Last weekend we took our son to his first minor league baseball game. After a harrowing thundershower during which we sat in the car reading books with the radio on, the sun came out and we got to enjoy a late start game.

In the car during the thundershower putting on a good front for the camera. He did more of the same ear warming at the game. (Stop stomping, People!)

Finally a bit relaxed watching baseball.
We're learning he doesn't like a lot of noise or really loud noises. So probably the fair was a bad idea too, especially after a long day, and we assume from his behavior that evening that he hadn't taken a nap at camp. But we did see some cows, play some games, and ride the train. Patrick's reaction seemed to be "I want to go out there!" (away from the cows, inside a building, anywhere it seemed not loud). He relaxed with the games when he could put his throwing arm into use until he (Paul actually) won at skeeball, and the guy turned on the siren to announce a winner. Then he was terrified, and running away again. On his train ride he was crying the whole time!

In the parking lot, there were helicopter rides. We didn't go, but took a picture anyway.
By far it was the wrong activity at the wrong time of day. But after we left, unbelievably he said, "That was fun." I wasn't so sure it was.
One happier picture after a ride down the Super Slide with daddy--Fun!

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