Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yogi bear camping in New Hampshire

What do I have here in my pic-a-nick basket?
The Way Cool Kiddie Pool!

Cindy Bear was a favorite! She was the only bear he wanted to color a picture for and put in her mailbox. I think he may have had a crush.

The Flume Gorge--he was happiest climbing all those fun stairs.

The long carry down and around.
 Cannon Mountain.
View from Cannon Mt--Vermont, NH, NY...something like that!

We couldn't rest until he had played multiple rounds of miniature golf?
"What is miniature golf, Mama? Tell me 'bout that. I never heard of that before."

He got pretty expert on his bike on all that handy dandy pavement.

Hope your summer vacations were as memorable as ours. And why wouldn't it be especially if it involved a family camping resort with kitchy decor and all the Yogi, Bobo and Cindy Bear a kid could want and more?

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