Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Summer Clothesline: The Photographs in my Head

With the cool air settling in (my thermometer registered 42 degrees the other morning at 7 am) I'm mentally fighting fall. It seems like someone stole summer. I had to stop one day and really remember what I did this summer. It has been busy with some unexpected twists, but it's also been memorable for many reasons, some of them on this blog previously.

I read a book tonight called Pictures from our vacation by Lynne Rae Perkins. At the start of the trip the Mom gives both children a instant camera so they can photograph the vacation however they want. They take a few pictures in between the traveling, rain, and family reunion. In the end, on their way home, the children realized that they didn't take too many fantastic photos of their vacation, but the little girl determined that the best ones were in her head.

I just attended a funeral for my aunt, the wife of my uncle who unfortunately died in May. It is a shock, and uncanny. As is often the case at memorial services, photo albums and photographs were there to glance at or browse through. They had entire albums of old photos of Faye with her family, her children, her friends, all with funny hairstyles and clothes, but mostly they were of memories. Her children shared many beautiful memories of their childhood and adulthood with her. I was able to envision some of them even though I wasn't a part of them. For them, these stories will be best remembered in their heads, and in their retelling.

I try hard to create happy memories with my family. Not every day turns out picture perfect, but if the memories are mostly of love and fun, that's really the only thing that matters, no matter how fast the summer, or a lifetime, goes.

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