Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Going Small

We have most of our house project quotes now, and they look good. Overall building costs (along with everything else) have increased, but our project seems doable. Well, we hope it is, and we hope the bank agrees! Needless to say, it is still discouraging to see the squeeze of the middle class, which is partly to blame in the long wait we've had in even pursuing this project (try seven years of renting!) It is really stinky how hard it seems to get ahead or buy or build a house today. Many people in my age bracket are still renting or going back to renting or losing their homes. There are about 70 properties for sale in my small town and only a very few of the homes are under $150,000; a handful are foreclosures!

Along the way in formulating our plan I began looking at tiny houses and learned there is a movement of sorts to design, build, and live in small houses. Not only does that free up a budget, but it allows some people to pursue their dreams. These folks really got me started in thinking about how we can live simply and build a house that we can live in and with and not go for broke-- tinyhousetalk.com/tiny-house-family-mortgage-freedom. Although we definitely cannot do their plan, their story was inspirational to me in thinking about a smaller place. We certainly have gotten a lot of great ideas by reading tinyhouseblog.com, too.

My latest thought is to build our garage that will host our primary solar system along with the in-law apartment that has been in the plan since the beginning. The apartment is going to be
Our efficiency in-law apartment plan.
an efficiency apartment, but with overhead storage space in the garage we think we might be able to move into the apartment and over the garage while we make payments and plan, build, or set the actual house.

Possible? Hmm...yes!?

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