Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Favorite Beach: Pemaquid

Rocks are fun to climb and for exploring tide pools.
There sits on Johns Bay at Pemaquid Neck in Bristol, Maine, a pretty little beach in a quiet, protected bay--Pemaquid Beach. Bristol and the surrounding villages are busy waterfront communities, so lobster and other boats trundle past on their way from the harbor out to work. Sailboats also cruise by the horizon. The beach is not a large one, and on very hot summer days it can be packed with beach-goers. The sand is pristine and soft, great for digging and building sand castles. Pemaquid is also relatively safe for children. There are no drop-offs, no undertow, and the beach is not usually wracked with large waves. And consequently there are no lifeguards. It is a wonderful swimming beach if you can endure the water temperature. Usually by the end of August and early September the temperatures warm up to the low 60 degrees Farenheit, which is still is limb-numbing.

The Pemaquid area has a history that extends back at least to the 1600s. Just down the road from the beach is the fort and excavated foundations from an English settlement. Native Americans, the French, and settlers fought to control the area.

Pemaquid beach on a warm but not very busy day in July.
There are facilities available when the park is open in the summer as well as a snack bar and beach gear rentals. There is a small nature center and picnic tables. Pemaquid is a favorite place of mine to visit in the winter as well. The softly lapping ocean and sun reflecting on the blue is a nice, albeit cold, winter walk. You have to park outside the gates and trudge through the parking lot but many people walk the beach with their dogs in the off season. Its just long enough for a good walk and to keep your winter spirits up with fresh ocean air.

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